Korina Duffy Interview – Releasing the Inner Child

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In this episode of the Mindful Living Guide, I get to chat with Korina Duffy, a Body & Mind Transformation Coach.  Korina helps women to upgrade their Health, Mindset & Body. Release Excess Body Weight & Declutter The Mind.

We talked about how Meditation played a major role in Korina’s journey over the last few years.  It not only helped her to release her inner child, that was trapped for many years but it is now an important part of the programs that she delivers to her own clients.  

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This is Korina’s powerful talk that we discussed on the show:

Healing and Building Confidence from a dark place is a Journey..A journey most people do not want to explore for various reasons such as..*Fear.*Failure.*Weakness.*Judged.*Time Pressed.*Fastlane Living..Or if like me you have the All Or Nothing Approach where you are looking for inner peace at the end of each….*Vigorous Workout.*New Diets.*Shopping Sprees.*Bottle of Wine.*Indulgent Food.*New Relationships..Maybe it's worth looking inbetween your Black and White Approach I found the #magic in my Grey Area..My Grey Area is slowing down exploring..*Talking.*Listening.*Vulnerability.*Breathing Deep.*Mindfulness..Exploring these elements helped me find my VOICE and let go of unwanted Trauma that was holding me back from my TRUE Potential..It took TIME, SPACE and PATIENCE with the help of a Super Mentor and the power of RESILIENCE..Below is a short Video where I tell My Story for the first time in public to a room of over 90 people….I hope I can inspire others to explore ways of releasing unwanted Tension in your body by exploring your Grey Area. Feel free to share. Korina

Posted by Korina Duffy on Sunday, February 2, 2020

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