Dee Reilly – Creating a Sustainable Practice

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Episode 49 - Dee Reilly - Creating a Sustainable Practice
Episode 49 – Dee Reilly – Creating a Sustainable Practice

On this episode of the Mindful Living Guide I have a great chat with Dee Reilly of Whole Body Wellness

Dee is a Psychotherapist, Craniosacral therapist, Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Her journey into healing was inspired by her 4 wonderful children. She approaches healing from a whole body perspective, working with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping her clients to slow down and to come home to themselves in this busy world. 
Her passion for and curiosity around discovering ways to promote healing make her a sought after therapist and inspiring figure in the holistic health and wellness community. 
We cover lots of great subjects in this episode:
The power of the Energy at the Hill of Tara.
How that impacts the sessions that Deidre takes at the Tara.
Yin Yoga
Siting with discomfort.
The effect of nature on our systems.
Awareness of where we are in our journey.
Bringing play and light energy into day.

Deirdre also discusses some great books

Burnout by Emily Nagoski & Amelia Nagoski 
Wintering by Katherine May
Cycles of Belonging. Honouring Ourselves Through the Sacred Cycles of Life by Stella Tomlinson. 

If you feel like connecting with Dee for a session, you can reach her at:


Also dont forgot to ask her about the new Yin Yoga classes at the beautiful Bectivemilll Geodome.

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Episode 49