Daragh Fleming – Let’s talk about Mens Metal Health

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Episode 48 - Daragh Fleming - Lets talk about Mens Metal Health
Episode 48 – Daragh Fleming – Lets talk about Mens Metal Health

This week on the Mindful Living Guide, I have the pleasure of speaking to someone is very well known in Ireland, Daragh Fleming of the Thoughts too Big blog

Daragh is an author, freelance writer, and award-winning mental health blogger from Cork, Ireland. In 2022 his blog recently won Mental Health Blog of the year and has been an inspiration to many people. His extremly popular Book, Lonely Boy s about a man trying to be at peace with himself and his past, so that he can navigate his future.  A past that includes loosing a close friend to suicide at a very young age.

In the Episode, we chat about Daraghs own journey with depression and how it leaves you in a Numb emotionless state as well as:
– Break stereotypes: Allow men to express emotions without judgment.
– Evolving attitudes: Shift towards accepting men’s emotional expression.
– Coping methods: Writing, exercise, sleep, hydration for mental health.
– Balance solitude and socialization for better mental well-being.
– Ownership of mental health through daily, controllable actions.
– Humour as a tool to disarm shame and address challenges.

We also touch on how having a strong mental attitude was a game changer recently when he was the victim of a blackmail attempt.  Daragh was able to take control back of the situation.

You can connect to Daragh below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daraghfleming
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daragh-fleming/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaraghFleming
Book: Lonely Boy

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