Helena Dilleen – Embracing a Mindful Life

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Episode 46 - Helena Dilleen - Embracing a Mindful Life
Episode 46 – Helena Dilleen – Embracing a Mindful Life

This week I speak to a fellow Mindfulness expert, Helena Dilleen of Giddy Studios about how we can embrace a Mindful way of living.  

Here are some of may topics we chat about:

  • Mindfulness is always there for us.
  • How you can always go back to Mindfulness.
  • Experiencing life through Informal Mindfulness practice.
  • The power of sound when the Mind is wondering.
  • Removing the barriers to our practice.
  • Labelling our Emotions.
  • A Compassionate approach to our Mindfulness Practice.
  • Kristin Neff’s work, Fierce Self Compassion.
  • Self Soothing Methods.
  • How Mindfulness practice helped with the transition from the physical Studio.
  • Doubling down on gratitude in challenging times.
  • Breaking down barriers to Mindfulness.
  • Embracing the right tools at the right time.
  • Embracing the Climb in life with Mindful tools.

    ..and of course that all important question
    What does Mindful Living mean to Helena?

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