Jennifer Maher – Losing a Loved one to Suicide

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Episode 24 Jenifer Maher - Loosing a Loved one to Suicide
Episode 24 Jennifer Maher – Losing a Loved one to Suicide

This episode discusses the topic of Death by suicide 

This weekend (8th May 2021) 100’s of thousands of people around Ireland will walk at Sunrise to raise awareness of Death by Suicide and the effect it has on people.  This is the silent killer in our society and our guest this week knows all too well about effect it can have on a family.
Jen has lost two brother-in-laws to suicide in the last few years. We talk about the effect this has on a family and the difference it has made to her own path in life. 
It is my hope that having open conversations like this might help someone have a conversation with a friend or family member that they have been putting off. 


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