Steven Morrin – The Truth about OCD

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Episode 36 - Steven Morrin - The Truth about OCD
Episode 36 – Steven Morrin – The Truth about OCD

Our guest this week is Steven Morrin.  Stephen is an avid Mountain runner and the founder of Mind, Body and Mountains.  Stephen also lives with OCD.

As Steven says, OCD is one of the most misunderstood Mental Illness.  It’s not a MEME.  Its “not an obsession about with keeping your house”.  It’s a very serious illness that can have a detrimental effect on people that experience it.

Steven has been living with and managing OCD for many years.  He is very open about this and hopes to help others learn about this illness.

We chat about what its like to live with OCD.  The effect it has had on his life.  The type of obsessions he has had.  The constant catastrophising he would experience at times.  Steven tells us about the difference between Perfectionism and OCD.  (A very important difference that not many people know about.)

We also chat about how his life changed when Steven’s wife heard an interview on the radio about OCD which led him to seek help.   
How he has “learned to Accept but not Accept it”.
How exercise and getting out doors has helped to ground him.

Mindfulness has also been a powerful tool for Steven and we discuss the difference it has made to him.

If any of what we are talking about resonates with you and you feel you would like to talk to someone, we would encourage you to speak to OCD Ireland.

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Episode 36